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About Empowering Wellness 360

Empowering Wellness 360 is a holistic personal development, health and wellness provider specializing in personal development, mind, body, and wellness practices, resiliency, and the integration of lifestyle and empowerment strategies. With this approach to health and wellness, Empowering Wellness 360 assists clients in transforming in all aspects of wellness-career, physical, mental, emotional, financial, and spiritual.  

At Empowering Wellness 360 we concentrate on working with our clients to gain optimal balance, focus, energy, strength and healing.  We do this through a unique offering of practices which include Empowering Wellness 360, a personal development, health, resiliency, and wellness lifestyle coaching program that incorporates personal development coaching, mind-body and alternative therapies and practices, Yoga Bodhi 360, A Yoga and Cardio Fitness practice and Transformation 360, A FREE introductory virtual 28-Day Empowerment Challenge that focuses on health, wellness, self-awareness, and lifestyle changes.  Our services are designed to empower you in navigating your journey and transformation to a more holistic approach to life.  

With over 16 years of experience in clinical work, personal development, health/wellness services, coaching, and education, Empowering Wellness 360 utilizes a variety of complementary approaches in our work with individuals, families, couples, and organizations.  Our services include psychotherapy, health, resiliency, and personal development and lifestyle coaching, wellness workshops, weekly support groups and other mindfulness and alternative trainings/treatments. We offer these services to a broad range of clients and organizations.  

Empowering Wellness 360 believes in the practice of combining personal development coaching, transformative strategies, and mind-body therapies to influence changes, create action, and an overall positive impact whether for a client or an organization.

These include behavioral, psychological, social, expressive, and spiritual approaches. Empowering Wellness 360 approach to working with clients is interactive and solution focused.  We provide support and practical feedback to help clients effectively build on their strengths and attain the growth and change they are committed to accomplishing.  By integrating complementary methodologies and techniques Empowering Wellness 360 is able to offer a highly personalized approach
 tailored to each client.

Services Provided:

Empowering Wellness 360 offers a variety of personal development, transformative strategies, mind, body, and wellness therapies and services for both individuals and organizations.  This includes Lifestyle & Personal Development Coaching, Yoga & Fitness, Bodywork, Energywork and Meditation Practices to include Thai Bodywork/Massage, Zen Shiatsu, and Reiki, Educational Workshops & Seminars, & Mental Health/Therapy.  


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