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Transformation 360

The Transformation 360 FREE 28-Day Mind-Bodhi Empowerment Challenge is a awesome virtual health and wellness challenge hosted by Empowering Wellness 360. 

You can choose from a variety of daily challenges and weekly transformative activities to participate in that focus on Body, Food, Lifestyle/Fun, Love, Finances/Career, and Spirit.  You can also participate in transformative weigh-ins, showcase your transformation progress and take advantage of great information and resources from a variety of transformative leaders in the health and wellness field.  You can do all or some of the activities, events, and challenges during the 28-Day Transformation!  The best part of this virtual challenge is that it is convenient-no need to make or maintain office visits or appointments and you can do the challenge anywhere! There are no requirements or limitations to creating your best you! 

  *By signing up for the FREE Transformation 360 28-Day Mind-Bodhi Empowerment Challenge, you gain access to:

  *Transformation 360 28-Day Empowerment Mind-Bodhi Challenge Calendar

 *Free Transformation 360 Empowerment Mind-Bodhi Downloadable Guidebook

 *Free Transformation 360 Mind-Bodhi Empowerment Action Component Homework (T.E.A.C.H.)

 *Transformation 360 28-Day Empowerment Mind-Bodhi Community 

 *Free Online Access to Empowering Wellness 360 Consortium Guest Interviews

 *Free access to post before and after pictures and videos on Transformation 360 28-Day Mind-Bodhi Empowerment Challenge Facebook and Instagram Page, and be featured on the Empowering Wellness 360 Website.

 *Free LIVE Transformation 360 28-Day Mind-Bodhi Empowerment Challenge Call-in

 *Free access to End of Transformation 360 28-Day Empowerment Party 

Get Your FREE Transformation 360 28-Day Mind-Bodhi Empowerment Challenge Guidebook Today!

Click on this link for your T360 Calendar & FREE Empowerment Guidebook: 

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